Geometrically Contoured Bearing Technology


The core concept of the Geometrically Contoured Bearing lies in the control and isolation of wear particle debris. Extensive research into the origins of wear particles has led to the development of a wear particle theory which is an accurate predictor of bearing failure. The theory is based on the size and quantity of metal debris formed during a bearing’s operational life. Unlike a traditional rolling element bearing where debris is continually circulated within a closed system, the Geometrically Contoured Bearing incorporates debris traps which isolate wear particles from the working surfaces of the bearing. These traps are a macroscopic, engineered feature of the GC Bearing. On a microscopic level, the GC Bearing is manufactured from a powdered metal material. The use of powdered metal technology eliminates the irregularly sized and shaped metal debris formed by wear of a wrought metal surface. Instead, the GC design dictates the size and shape of wear debris particles though the careful selection of the powdered materials used to form the bearing structure.

Bearing-CupAdditionally, the inherent and highly controlled porosity of the powdered metal bearing structure provides a reservoir for additional lubricant. This feature protects the bearing from “drying out” since the base oil in the lubricating grease is continually replenished. Thus, the Geometrically Contoured Bearing is a self-cleaning, self-lubricating component.

For a more in-depth discussion of this innovative technology view: CG bearing basics.

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