Genesee Northern Research Announces New Patent on Advanced Bearing Technology

West Henrietta, NY – May 14, 2015 – Genesee Northern Research LLC has announced that it has been granted additional patent coverage on their GC bearing technology. The new patent reflects the company’s continued development of improved products for the automotive industry.

Company President Michael Pyszczek stated: “Our new patent covers a split bearing having a debris removal system that improves the performance and life of the assembly by removing wear particles generated during normal operation. In addition to longer bearing life, the use of the Geometrically Contoured design reduces friction and offers the potential for increased engine efficiency and reduced fuel consumption”.

The GC Bearing concept utilizes proprietary structural designs and materials of construction to produce a sliding bearing which has demonstrated superiority to roller bearing components in a variety of applications. Reductions in friction, maintenance and cost of up to 35% can be achieved through this innovative technology. The self-lubricating, self-cleaning bearing has been proven in automotive universal joint applications and U.S. Army field testing in high contamination environments.

Genesee Northern Research LLC is an engineering consulting company founded in 2011. Their Geometrically Contoured Bearing Division began in 2012 with the mission to further develop and commercialize GC Bearing technology.

Contact Information:

Michael Pyszczek
Genesee Northern Research LLC
(585) 214-0593

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