Reduction or Elimination of Routine Maintenance

Self-Cleaning and Self-Lubricating Properties

Increase in Load Carrying Capability

Reduction in Installation Time

Protects the Bearing from “Drying Out”

Revolutionary Sliding Bearing Technology

The Geometrically Contoured (GC) Bearing is an innovative type of sliding bearing designed to specifically address roller bearing failures. It achieves this goal through the combination of a proprietary structural design and specific materials of construction. GC bearings offer the following:
• Reduction or elimination of routine maintenance
• Increase in load carrying capability
• Reduction in installation time
• Self-cleaning and self-lubricating properties
The GC Bearing concept has been proven in automotive universal joint applications and has been successfully evaluated by the U.S. Army in HMMWV field tests. The photo shows a GC universal joint bearing cup (left) compared with a standard roller bearing cup (right).